Funpark Rules / Regulations

Funpark reserves the right to collect images (photographs and videos), in all its space, in order to support and manage the promotion and sale of our brand, for clients and potential clients.

Funpark assumes no responsibility in the event of loss or damage to personal property.

The scheduled time for the performance of races / activities / events must be fulfilled, in order not to give rise to any kind of changes to commitments assumed by funpark.

  1. a) – As such, we advise all participants to attend 15 minutes before the scheduled time.
  2. b) – It is necessary the presence of all the participants in the initial briefing to the activities to be carried out.
  3. c) – It is necessary to comply with the instructions given by the monitors present in the activities, and our staff prioritizes the safety of the participants.

Rules for private individuals / hiring / kart races:

All riders and their companions must follow the instructions given to them by the elements of funpark;
Every rider must do the correct driving on the track, respecting the other riders;
Every rider should signal his exit from the trackto the pits, raising his arm;
No rider can enter the track without the helmet placed on the head, properly tightened;
Before entering the pit area, all riders who want to rent the track must have a password, which will be requested at the registry;
It is expressly prohibited to obstruct the corridor in front of the boxes;
Funpark as the right to do anti-alcohol / doping control, leaving the pits to the track;
No pets are allowed in the pit área/boxes;
It is only allowed the presence of the users of the rental and private karts in the boxes;
It is expressly prohibited to move in the opposite direction;  

It is expressly forbidden to get in the karts with scarves or scarves.